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No. Name of Patent Type of Patent Patent No. Application Date Inventor (Designer) Legal Status
1 A kind of star shape tubular preheater used for large scale tubularized digestion device Invention 200810012221-5 8-7-2008 Wang Yu/Yang Qingchen/ Liu Wenquan Disclosed for substantive eximaination
2 A kind of fume exhausting method and device for prebaked anode aluminum reduction pots Invention 200510047244﹣6 20-9-2005 Dong Hui/Ma Chenggui/Lu Dingxiong/Ma Shaoxian/Yang Qingchen/Mao Jihong//Wang Xingming/Yang Zaiming Authorized
3 A kind of high amperage prebaked anode reduction pots Invention 200510047245﹣0 20-9-2005 Lu Dingxiong/Mao Jihong/Dong Hui/Ma Chenggui/Ma Shaoxian/Yang Qingchen/Wang Xingming Authorized
4 A kind of system and device for the recoery of the waste heat from the reduciton pots Invention 200710011378-1 22-5-2007 Ma Chenggui/Wang Zhaowen/ Qi Xiquan/Wang Dequan/Gao Xuequan/Yang Qingchen/Mao Jihong/Liu Jingxiong/Shi Zhongning/Gao Bingliang Disclosed
5 A kind of method and device for preventing the bath from being sucked into the tapping crucible Invention 200710012001-8 6-7-2007 Liu Jingxiong/Qi Xiquan/Ma Chenggui Disclosed
6 A kind of method and device for the sealing of anode rods of aluminum reduction pots Invention 200710157944-X 5-11-2007 Qi Xiquan/Liu Jiongxiong/Dong Hui/Ma Chenggui/Lu Dingxiong/Mao Jihong/Wang Dequan Disclosed for substantive eximaination
7 A kind of new cathode structure for aluminum reduction pots Invention 200810010305-5 1-2-2008 Qi Xiquan/Lu Dingxiong/Zhou Jinquan/Mao Yu/Liu Jiongxiong/Wang Dequan Disclosed
8 A kind of new anode arrangementfor aluminum reduction pots Invention 200810010522-4 4-3-2008 Qi Xiquan/Lu Dingxiong/Liu Jingxiong/Mao Jihong/Dong Hui/Wang Dequan/Mao Yu/Ma Shaoxian Disclosed for substantive eximaination
9 400kA family energy saving & emission reduction prebaked anode recution pots Invention 200810011587-0 27-5-2008 Lu Dingxiong/Qi Xiquan/Ma Shaoxian/Mao Jihong/Dong Hui/Wang Dequan/Liu Jingxiong/Mao Yu/Guan Yongjun Disclosed
10 A kind of method and device for the collection and treatment of the secondary fume in a potroom Invention 200810011974-4 24-6-2008 Mao Jihong/Lu Dingxiong/Dong Hui/Mao Yu Disclosed for substantive eximaination
11 A kind of detector for the detection of the superheat degree of the bath in the reduction pot Invention 200810012796-7 15-8-2008 Wang Dequan/Qi Xiquan/Ban Yungang Disclosed for substantive eximaination
12 A kind of top fume collection structure for high amperage aluminum reduction pots Invention 200720011292-4 23-3-2007 Qi Xiquan/Cui Congfu/Liu Jingxiong Disclosed for substantive eximaination
13 A kind of device for the ventilation and heat radiation of high amperage reduction pots New practical 200720011498-7 6-4-2007 Qi Xiquan/Wang Dequan Authorized
14 A kind of device for exhausting fume of the material bin of an aluminum reduction pot New practical 200720013292-8 13-7-2007 Dong Hui/Cui Congfu Authorized
15 A kind of top fume collection and exhausting structure for high amperage aluminum reduction pots New practical 200720013844-5 17-8-2007 Dong Hui/Ma Chenggui/Qi Xiquan/Mao Jihong/Liu Jingxiong/Li Hao/Cui Congfu Authorized
16 A kind of process for preparing anode aggregate by an individual system Invention 200610046098﹣X 17-3-2007 Ma Shaoxian Disclosed
17 A kind of pitch fume scrubbing process Invention 200610046475﹣X 29-4-2006 Ma Shaoxian Disclosed
18 A kind of method for building the flue wall of a carbon baking furnace Invention 200610047844-7 22-9-2006 Yang Qingchen/Liu Xiwen Disclosed
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