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NEUI has equipped various design softwares for each discipline. These softwares include AutoCAD, Bently, 3D software as SysCAD, Solidwork and CAESARII 5.0, etc. In addition, NEUI has purchased ANSYS10.0, Multiphysics software package and MHD-Valdis software for magnetic fluid dynamic analysis.  The redevelopment of above mentioned software for their application in relevant engineering disciplines greatly improves NEUI’s engineering level.

General Arrangement of Casting and Rolling Workshop
General Arrangement of Side Stream Causticization Area
General Arrangement of Green Liquor Heat Exchange Area

Unique Auxiliary Design Platforms:

1. SysCAD, the advanced software for material balance calculation and development of process flow for alumina production, which is widely used by people of the same trade.

2. Northeastern University’s technical R&D platform, capable of conducting complete bauxite processing tests, which will provide the theoretical basis for evaluation of the design scheme of an alumina refinery project.


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