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Responsibility to Society

By insisting on the new technology innovation mode of Teaching-Technical R&D-Industry Collaboration and focusing on energy saving & emission reduction, NEUI has been promoting the technical progress of the aluminum industry. It strictly follows the local laws & regulations and compulsory codes & regulations, and provides the engineering design featuring of safety, health, environmental protection and energy saving.

Leaders from China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Visit NEUI
Appraisement Meeting for Design Certificate of Grade-D Pressure Vessels

Responsibility to Customers

Insisting on the business philosophy of “Create Value for Customers”, NEUI has been providing customers with high quality engineering designs which are characterized by advanced technology, short design period and test run period, providing customers with both construction & operation cost effective projects. Besides, NEUI also provides customers with entire solutions including education & training and industry technology upgrading, etc.

Preliminary Design Review Meeting for ALUTRINT Smelter Project

Responsibility to Employees

NEUI, as the first share-holding entity with state-owned shares, , boasts of a specialized and versatile fleet  pursuing innovation and making vigorous efforts for the development of the aluminum industry. Insisting on the talent strategy of “EqualityRespectTrust and Sharing”, NEUI has been seeking for the harmonious development of the company and the staff for growing together, sharing together and developing together.

Staff Training

Collaborative Attitude

As a public platform with the Northeastern University as its background and provides engineering technological services, NEUI would like to co-operate with all well-known production enterprises, technology & equipment suppliers, construction contractors and other organizations of the aluminum industry to jointly establish a complete engineering service platform integrated with teaching, technical R&D and aluminum industry enterprises. NEUI wishes to have equal competition with enterprises of the same trade to achieve win-win and to jointly contribute to the development of the aluminum industry.

Technical Exchange with Iranian Experts
Technical Exchange with Egyptian Experts


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