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NEUI has always been clearly aware of the independent innovation, and established, by co-operating with well-known enterprises both at home and abroad, a number of R&D bases to bring its advantage of integrated innovation into full play and carried out its own independent innovations for energy saving & emission reduction, environment protection, etc. of alumina and aluminum industry. NEUI has owned many independent intellectual property rights on the core process innovation technologies, and 81 items have been applied for patent, among which 25 applied for the invention patent, 2 have applied successfully. The patent of “A Kind of High Amperage Pre-baked Anode Reduction Potline” has been awarded honorable prize by Shenyang Patent Bureau in 2009. These innovation technologies have widely been used in alumina, aluminum and carbon industries.

Aluminum Reduction

NEUI has developed the international advanced "Physical Field Optimizing Arrangement Software Package for Aluminum Reduction Potlines" based on ANSYS software platform. With this special software package, NEUI has developed the NEUI300-400 family HEEP potline technologies. The technology is characterized by good MHD stability. The 3D thermoelectric field simulation and pot lining structure optimization based on ANSYS have guaranteed the best energy balance of reduction pots, which has not only increased the intensity of pots, but also saved the pot material by more than 30%. This technology guarantees the potroom’s best ventilation effect and working environment, especially with some breakthroughs on the environmental indices.

NEUI has successfully developed the "Integrated Environment Protection & Energy Comprehensive Utilization Technology" which meets international emission standards and equipment package. This technology can improve the gas collection efficiency, effectively recover waste heat from the gas, reduce the gas temperature, prolong the service life of the scrubbing system, improve the scrubbing efficiency and lower the discharge indices. The hooding efficiency can be increased up to 99%and fluoride emission can be lowered to 0.6kg/t-Al.


 230 kt/a Aluminum Smelter Project of Henan Zhongfu Industry Co., Ltd, installed with 400kA Aluminum Reduction Potlines

NEUI owns the intellectual property right of the international original "New Type Cathode Structure Technology ", which creates conditions for significantly reducing anode and cathode distance (ACD), lowering energy consumption and improving current efficiency. Comparing with reduction potlines without this technology, the voltage and DC current consumption have been reduced by 10%. The “New Type Cathode Structure Technology” has been filed for the invention patent in 4 countries and regions.

Gas treatment Center of 500 kt/a Aluminum Smelter of Linfeng Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd, with 400kA HEEP Technology

NEUI owns the gas scrubbing and material handling technology. It has successfully developed the new gas collection structure for high amperage reduction potlines, which are applied on NEUI300, NEUI330 and NEUI400 HEEP reduction potlines. NEUI has also developed new type high efficiency gas treatment technology GTC and put it into use in Zhongfu Industry Co., Ltd., Linfeng Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd. and Shandong Yili Electricity Co., Ltd. etc. The alumina dense phase and hyper dense phase conveying technology developed by NEUI has been widely used in aluminum smelters both home and abroad.

NEUI has successively undertaken some national key technology projects, national "863" and "973" Projects, as well as national key science & technology supporting plan projects.


1. National "863 Project-Reduction Pot Waste Heat Recovery Technology ", which aims at improving the energy utilization efficiency from less than 50% to 70% by recovering the heat from the reduction pots. The technology can reduce the energy consumption by about 1,200kWh/t-Al. 

2. National Science & Technology Supporting Plan Project-"New Low Temperature and Low Voltage Aluminum Reduction Technology". The technology has reduced the DC current consumption from 13,300kWh/t-Al to 12,000kWh/t-Al without changing the structure of reduction pots. The energy is saved by 10% and the fluoride emission by 50%, which provides the technical support for the upgrading of Chinese aluminum industry.

Alumina Refining

The proprietary technologies in the field include: 500kt complete tubular preheating digestion technology based on diaspore, 500kt complete tubular preheating digestion technology based on boehmite, 750kt complete tubular preheating digestion technology based on gibbsite, Two-stage precipitation technology for sandy alumina production, organic removal technology, programming technology for the DCS system and the production management system of an alumina refinery, technology of alumina production with high alumina content flyash, technology of alumina production based on syenite, and technology of coarse liquor confluence by series process. NEUI’s technology of alumina production based on high alumina content flyash and its comprehensive utilization, as well as the equipment package, has fully reflected the characteristics of the cyclic economy of recycling, reduction and safe treatment of the industrial wastes. The technology complies with the national industrial policy, enables the recycling use of the flyash and sustainable development of the alumina industry, which is of strategic importance and demonstration effect to alleviating the shortage of China’s natural bauxite resources.

Alumina Calciner


In the last few yearsNEUI has carried out the systematical sorting and integrated innovation of technologies applied in 15 prebaked anode projects that NEUI designed and put into production. Nine new and practical technologies characterized by NEUI features are developed, including “Petroleum Coke Calcination and Waste-heat Utilization Technology ", “Butts Treatment Technology " and " Baking Furnace Fume Treatment Technology ", etc.

NEUI has been devoted to the R&D and optimizing & upgrading of core technologies and complete technology and equipment package for the light nonferrous metals industry. With imported international advanced technology developing meansthrough cooperating with domestic famous universities and enterprisesNEUI has undertaken some research and industrialization demonstration projects including national key technical projects, national " 863 " Project and " 973 " Projects, as well as National Key Science & Technology Supporting Plan Projects, etc. NEUI has also been perfecting its technical innovation system. Through technical integrating and innovation, NEUI has contributed to the technical progress of the aluminum industryand provided competitive technical supports and services for clients.


Baking Plant of 150 kt/a Prebaked Anode Project of Shandong Sunstone Linyi Carbon Co., Ltd.


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